Picture of E! News Producer Catt Sadler
Credit: Amanda Edwards / Getty Images

Being huge proponents of equal pay here at HelloGiggles, we’ve been 110% behind former E! News host Catt Sadler since she announced her departure from the show. The decision came after finding out that her co-host Jason Kennedy was making almost twice as much as she was. And even though Sadler attempted to negotiate with NBC, the show’s network, they refused to pay her what she thought she deserved. So she quit. Celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence have supported Sadler for speaking out about the pay disparity.

It turns out that Sadler wasn’t the only one who experienced unfair treatment at the hands of E!. Part-time producer Aileen Gram-Moreno, who worked on its red carpet shows for 12 years, recently spoke out too. According to The New York Times, the E! network producer alleges that she was fired after a Golden Globes clip of Eva Longoria, Reese Witherspoon, and Nicole Kidman aired denouncing E! for the pay gap.

On Thursday, March 1st, Gram-Moreno filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, citing her unfair termination and her male replacement. The producer says the network instructed her to flag any mentions of Catt Sadler, #MeToo, or #TimesUp before airing any interviews. (Because of time constraints, E! prerecords the interviews and does not broadcast all of them.)

Gram-Moreno says she felt the network was wrongly practicing censorship.

Gram-Moreno claims she watched most but not all of the clip, so she missed the end where Longoria said, “We stand with you, Catt.” The producer says the number of interviews made it impossible for her to completely listen to every single one. Five days later, the executive producer called her and fired from all upcoming awards shows. Gram-Moreno says that he told her “it was because you let the Catt mention get on air.”

However, E! is staunchly denying the claim, saying that Gram-Moreno was fired because of poor performance. If Gram-Moreno’s story is true, we hope she gets the justice she’s looking for.