Trilby Beresford
Updated July 03, 2017 6:33 am
Jason LaVeris/Getty Images

This news may be hard to hear first thing on a Monday, but know that everything seems to be okay. E! News host Maria Menounos revealed she was diagnosed with a brain tumor around the same time as her mom was undergoing treatment for advanced brain cancer. We know — it’s just heartbreaking.

Menounos’s doctors discovered her tumor after she started exhibiting unusual symptoms like headaches and light headedness. She recalled to in an exclusive story, “My speech had gotten slurred and I was having difficulty reading the teleprompter [at her job with E! News].” An MRI revealed a tumor that the neurosurgeon believe to be benign.

The doctor was right and the tumor was benign. He managed to remove it, and Menounos is recovering well and receiving loving support from her fiancé Keven Undergaro. In fact, her attitude is healthy and positive despite the terrifying ordeal she’s been through.

We’re sending so much love and support to Menounos as she continues her recovery.

In the same interview, she said how grateful she is that she went to the doctor and “raised the alarm,” noting that women don’t always put themselves first. At the end of the day, maintaining good health is crucial and should always come first. If you’re noticing a something weird or different with your body, it’s always worth getting it checked out by a professional!

Thank you so much for this important reminder, Maria. We’re sending you so many healing vibes as you recover.