Anna Sheffer
Updated Mar 15, 2018 @ 12:09 pm

Yesterday, March 14th, students around the country participated in National School Walkout Day to call for stricter gun control laws. People from Alaska to Hawaii spoke out in support of the protesters, but unfortunately, some students who walked out were also the target of hatred. Charleston shooter Dylann Roof‘s sister, Morgan Roof, was arrested after she made a menacing post on social media about the protesters at her school.

Here’s everything we know about her.

1 She brought a knife to school.

The 18-year-old Roof, who attends AC Flora High School in Columbia, South Carolina, was arrested on March 14th for possessing a knife, pepper spray, and marijuana on school grounds. Local Fox affiliate WACH reported that her bond was set for $5,000, and she was ordered to stay away from the school.

2 She posted that she wished protesters would “get shot.”

In a Snapchat story, Roof reportedly made comments about the walkout that worried other students. She expressed disdain for the protests, saying nothing would change and that she hoped those joining would “get shot.” She also wrote that the walkout would probably be “nothing but black people.”

3 Roof visited her brother in prison.

According to local newspaper the Post and Courier, Roof visited her brother in prison shortly before he was sentenced to death in January 2017. Reportedly, she told her brother she wanted to attend his execution and that she loved him, to which he responded, “Okay.”

4 On Tumblr, Roof has discussed her brother’s crime.

Another Post and Courier article reported that Roof sometimes discussed her brother on Tumblr. In one July 2017 post, she wrote that, while she did care that her brother had been sentenced to death, she was determined to not let his choices impact her.

We’re relieved that no students were harmed when Roof brought a knife to school, but the incident is still scary. We’ll be watching for further updates as this story develops.