Toria Sheffield
July 05, 2018 12:24 pm

The June 29th release of Drake’s new album Scorpion is making major waves. Not only is the album breaking streaming records left and right, but the rapper also used his new tracks to reveal that he does, in fact, have a son — which fans have long suspected.

And as many superfans surely know, Drake’s son’s name is Adonis (as confirmed by the child’s mother, Sophie Brussaux, on Instagram). Some fans even think the baby’s full name is “Adonis Mahbed” based on a line from the single “God’s Plan” — specifically when Drake sings, “I only love my bed and my mom.”

Minds: Blown, right?

And now Drake-loving internet sleuths are at it again, this time with what they believe to be Drake’s son’s birthday.

The theory stems from the the Scorpion track “March 14,” on which Drake sings, “October baby for irony’s sake, of course/ I got this 11 tatted for somebody, now it’s yours.”

As many Drake aficionados know, the musician has an “11” tattoo, most likely for British singer Jorja Smith, whom he was linked to in April 2017, and whose debut album was entitled Project 11. Plus, Smith’s birthday happens to fall on June 11.

Meanwhile, Brussaux posted the following to Insta on November 8th, writing that the photo was taken “28 days after giving birth to my 8lbs-15oz baby boy Adonis.” This puts the timeline for Drake’s son’s birth squarely at — you guessed it — October 11th.

Well done, cyber detectives. It seems as though this mystery can be filed under solved.

Now, if we can just get a confirmation from Drake on the Mahbed theory…