He looks a little nervous and little excited.

Olivia Harvey
September 09, 2020

They grow up so fast. Drake's son, Adonis Graham, is attending his first day of school today, September 9th. The 2-year-old, whom Drake shares with artist Sophie Brussaux, is seemingly off to preschool, and according to both dad and mom, the world is Adonis's oyster.

"First Day Of School...The World Is Yours kid," Drake captioned his September 9th Instagram photo of Adonis.

Drake only recently shared his first photos of Adonis in March 2020 after confirming that he is Adonis's father in his song "Emotionless," which debuted in 2018. In March, Drake shared several photos of his son with a caption that inspired followers to "connect to your own inner light" and to "shift your attention right away to something bright" when anxiety and fear sets in.

Adonis, now almost 3 years old, is definitely that bright spot in Drake's life.

Brussaux also shared a photo of Adonis on his first day of school with the caption, "1ère rentrée! Maman est fière de son grand garçon (petit koala à temps partiel)," which roughly translates to, "First back to school! Mom is proud of her big boy (part-time little koala)."

Mom also tagged herself and her son at "A L'ecole," French for "at school."

Adonis's first day of school is going to be different than others who had their first day a year ago. Social distancing, mask-wearing, and other safety precautions will be of the utmost importance due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. However, despite the milestone being muddled by masks, it's still a big day for "Mom and Dad's big boy."

We don't know where the time went between Adonis's arrival into the world and his first day of school, but we're glad that we got a glimpse into the first day of the rest of Adonis's life. Drake said it best—the world is his.