The search for the real "Kiki" Drake references in “In My Feelings” just got a lot more interesting

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Drake dropped his fifth studio album Scorpion on June 29th, and since then, much buzz has been circulating on the internet. Everyone has become an investigate journalist, and trying to do their best Sherlock Holmes to figure out the following: Did Drake just confirm he has a son in “Emotionless”? Did he just reference said son’s birthday in a track? Is his son’s name really Adonis Mahbed? And does Drake really reference model Bella Hadid in a track?

Since you’ve all been doing the most, here’s a new theory for you:

The woman named Kiki Drake references in “In My Feelings”? Speculations are mounting on just who this elusive Kiki is.

Genius has reported that the real Kiki is actually a woman named K’yanna Barber, as Drake has reportedly been romantically linked to the Oakland, California-based woman. Fans and publications originally thought Keshia Chanté, a former host of 106 & Park, was the elusive Kiki since the two reportedly dated as teenagers.

Here are the lyrics for “In My Feelings” for reference:

Kiki, do you love me? Are you riding?
Say you’ll never ever leave from beside me
‘Cause I want ya, and I need ya
And I’m down for you always

Subsequently, Drake references the initials KB:

KB, do you love me? Are you riding?
Say you’ll never ever leave from beside me

Convinced yet? If not, we’ve got more compelling receipts.

Many have been quick to recognize that K’yanna Barber’s Twitter bio reads: “da only Kiki” Additionally, Barber has tweeted the following:

And look! She defended Drake after the release of rapper Pusha-T’s diss track claiming about his mysterious son.

This is some compelling stuff. Listen to Drake’s “In My Feelings” (and maybe try your own “In My Feelings” dance challenge) below to aid your investigation. 

Has the internet just cracked the case of the elusive Kiki? Perhaps it was God’s plan all along. 

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