Doug the Pug
Credit: Doug The Pug/Instagram / E! Entertainment / Getty Images

Instagram celebrity Doug the Pug officially just proved that he is, in fact, a very good boy. The pug’s parents, Leslie Mosier and Rob Chianelli, tied the knot over the weekend at Nashville’s Cheekwood Gardens & Estate, and they made sure their famous dog was involved. The viral pup not only attended his humans’ wedding Sunday, November 11th, but he also played a crucial role as ring bearer in the star-studded ceremony.

“‘I take my ring bearer duties seriously’ -Doug,” his Instagram read, alongside a photo of Doug posing in sunglasses and a tiny tux next to a “Ring Security” briefcase. “Today is the big day! Gotta guard these babies with my life.”

Okay, we’re seriously melting.

“We never rehearsed him running down the aisle but he did it perfectly,” Mosier told People in an interview. “There was a lot of aww-ing.” The well-trained pup waited on a special-made perch during the ceremony, and even dutifully followed his parents out when they walked back down the aisle.

And believe it or not, this all gets significantly better. Queer Eye’s resident hair guru, Jonathan Van Ness, officiated the ceremony.

“It was the most perfect day,” Mosier concluded. “My eyes still hurt from crying.”

Us too, girl.