Anna Sheffer
Updated Mar 21, 2018 @ 11:04 am
Donald Trump's response to the Austin bombing suspect's death
Credit: Kevin Deitsch-Pool/Getty Images

Since March 2nd, the city of Austin, Texas has been terrorized by a series of bombings. And today, March 21st, the Austin bombing suspect, identified as Mark Anthony Conditt, killed himself after he was cornered by the SWAT Team. President Donald Trump took to Twitter to speak out about the suspect’s death, but his response has left many people angry.

Conditt died this morning after he detonated a bomb inside his car. But even after the bombing suspect’s death, Austin Police Chief Brian Manley warned citizens of Austin to exercise caution in case Conditt had left behind other bombs.

After hearing the news of Conditt’s death, Trump celebrated, applauding law enforcement officials for identifying the suspect.

The president addressed the Austin bombings publicly for the first time on March 20th, nearly three weeks after the first blast. In a televised statement, he called the attacks “terrible” and said that those responsible were “very sick people.” By the time Trump spoke up, there had been five explosions, four in Austin and one at a FedEx sorting facility near San Antonio. Two people died and four were injured as a result of the bombings.

Twitter users condemned Trump for waiting so long to address the bombings.


Some took issue with Trump’s failure to label the attacks domestic terrorism.

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Others pointed out that the FBI, which Trump consistently attacks, had helped with the case.

And still others questioned the president’s celebratory tone.

The Austin bombings were horrific instances of violence, and we’re relieved that the suspect is no longer a threat. But as president, Trump should have spoken out against this tragedy much sooner. And Trump’s congratulatory tone ignores the pain and fear that members of the Austin community felt during these attacks. We need Trump to do better. Our hearts are with the Austin community and all those affected by these bombings.