The investigation into Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election is heating up. And on December 2nd, President Donald Trump’s Michael Flynn tweet added more fuel to the fire when it led to claims that he had accidentally admitted to obstructing justice.

Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI on Friday, December 1st. The following day, a tweet issued from Trump’s official account stated that Trump made the decision to fire Flynn because Flynn had lied. But Trump made no mention of Flynn lying to the FBI when he fired him.

Trump had formerly defended Flynn and reportedly tried to convince then-FBI director James Comey to cease his investigation.

Senator Dianne Feinstein said she felt that evidence was building to bring obstruction of justice charges against Trump. And other Congressmen agreed that if the president knew Flynn lied at the time, he could be guilty of obstruction of justice, expressing their beliefs on Twitter.

But The Washington Post reported on December 2nd that Trump’s lawyer, John Dowd, wrote the tweet, which would mean that the tweet in question wouldn’t necessarily be evidence of Trump’s obstruction of justice. Dowd confirmed to CNN on December 3rd that he had drafted the tweet.

If Trump really did know that Flynn lied to the FBI before firing him, then the obstruction of justice claim could be legitimate. But given the fact that Dowd has taken responsibility, it’s hard to be sure how much Trump knew and when. Trump probably won’t face obstruction of justice charges over this tweet. But for now, we’ll be keeping our eyes on the investigation and hoping that justice is served if necessary.