Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump Holds Ohio Town Hall Event
Credit: Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg / Getty Images

The entire internet is abuzz, as Donald Trump recently said something about veterans that upset a whole lot of people. During a question and answer session at the Retired American Warriors PAC, Trump was discussing the terrifying rates of suicide in the military and among veterans. As such, he shared his definition of PTSD, which set off a lot of fury.

According to BuzzFeed News, while discussing PTSD, Trump said,

Many people have an issue with the fact that this appears to suggest that those who have PTSD are somehow less “strong” and capable of “handling” war and combat than people without PTSD, which only contributes to a culture of shaming those who have PTSD and blaming them for their own illness.

The internet was very, very pissed off.


According to BuzzFeed News, Trump’s campaign sent them a statement from Lt. General Michael Flynn, saying,

Whether you think Trump’s words were taken out of context, one thing is for sure: having PTSD doesn’t make anyone weak. End of story.