Anna Sheffer
Updated Dec 15, 2017 @ 4:08 pm
Donald Trump Jr.
Credit: Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

After the FCC voted to repeal net neutrality on December 14th, the internet was shocked. But, according to the president’s son, there’s no real reason to oppose the repeal. Donald Trump Jr. belittled the outrage following the net neutrality repeal, saying that critics didn’t understand the issue.

Trump’s comments were retweeted more than 7,000 times and racked up more than 26,000 comments. But his tweet demonstrates that he doesn’t entirely understand what happened yesterday. Although FCC Chairman Ajit Pai was indeed appointed to the commission by President Barack Obama, President Donald Trump was the one who made him chairman.

Net neutrality refers to the regulations put in place by the Obama administration to prevent internet service providers from blocking, throttling, or prioritizing legal content on the internet. Opponents of the net neutrality repeal argue that eliminating these regulations would cause the internet to be divided into fast lanes and slow lanes or allow service providers to charge certain websites more money to function.

Although Trump tweeted that most hadn’t heard of net neutrality since last week, critics of the repeal have actually been talking about this for months. The host of the HBO series Last Week Tonight, John Oliver, released a second segment about the importance of maintaining net neutrality in May, after his 2015 segment caused viewers to crash the FCC website by flooding it with comments. The American Library Association has also spoken out against the repeal, issuing a statement in May about their desire to keep the internet free and open.

And in 2014, 20 prominent companies including Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, Lyft, and Twitter signed a letter urging the FCC not to gut net neutrality. What’s more, a recent poll from the University of Maryland’s Program for Public Consultation found that 83 percent of voters wanted to keep net neutrality in place.

Twitter users were swift to point out Trump’s errors.


In short, net neutrality’s supporters definitely know what they’re talking about, and they have for a while. Those opposed to the repeal include politicians, celebrities, corporations, and normal civilians. We have less than mild hope that the younger Trump will check the facts before the next time he tweets.