Molly Thomson
July 19, 2018 8:05 am

The world has been inundated with photos and videos of Donald Trump ever since he first announced his bid for presidency way back in 2015. And now, protesters are attempting to link his image to the word “idiot” on Google — and it seems to be working.

This unusual form of protest has everything to do with Google’s search algorithm. According to The Guardian, protesters began up-voting reddit posts about Trump that contained the word “idiot,” which kick-started the trend. From there, they continued publishing and sharing articles that associate the president with the insult.

If you Google image the word “idiot” as of today, July 19th (at least in the United States), 8/10 of the top results are photographs of Donald Trump.

The idea initially had its roots in Trump’s recent visit to the U.K., where there was a campaign to get the Green Day classic “American Idiot” on the top of the charts during his stay. The media coverage of the effort jump-started the Google link between “Donald Trump” and “idiot,” and reddit took it from there.

With each new article written (including this one), the association between the president and the word “idiot” becomes stronger on Google’s algorithm.

Google itself does little to counteract this kind of manipulation.

For now, at least, it looks like this Google trend is here to stay.