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If you’ve ever judged someone for casually kissing their dog directly on the mouth, your judgement may have been unwarranted.

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Because as it turns out, dog mouths are cleaner than human mouths.

Shocking, right? We always thought a dog’s mouth being “clean” was just a myth. You know, since they lick their own butts and eat all kinds of everything off the ground. But nope — it’s not a myth after all. It’s safer to lock lips with your dog than with your significant other.

A new report from Havahart Wireless, a wireless dog fence company, performed a series of tests on both dog mouths and human mouths. And their findings?

The human mouth has 1.4 times more bacteria than a dog’s mouth — a difference of about 2,000,000 germs.


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While dogs may have cleaner mouths, at least our eating utensils are less germ-y. Dog bowls and dog toys have twice as many germs as everyday objects we use — like forks and cellphones. Probably because we don’t rub our cellphones all over the ground. (At least, not on purpose.)

So dog lovers, keep on kissing that pup of yours. It’s totally safe (and even if it wasn’t, you know you’d do it anyway… because dogs).

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