These dogs just got awards for being heroes and we’re totally crying right now, guys

A dog’s loyalty is pretty much unmatched, and when we look at the contestants for American Humane Association’s Hero Dog Awards, this definitely rings true. Listed as guide, service, or therapy animals, all finalists were nominated for their selfless service and attended the Hollywood awards gala dressed in their most formal doggy gear amongst entertainment’s royalty.

Recognizing the heroes on both ends of the leash, the ceremony was shared amongst Hallmark Channel viewers this past Friday and left all of us crying our little eyes out. Each contestant was awarded $2,500 to give to their charity of choice, but only one walked away hailed as the American Humane Association’s American Hero Dog.

This year’s contest included some of the most charming pups known to man, all of whom are heroes in their own right.

Each pup survived the unimaginable, and after rehabilitation, lives selflessly to bring joy to the lives of  others in need. Take a look at some of the recipients from this year’s show, below!

Guide and hearing dog Hook took home an award for saving his human’s life on multiple occasions.

Meet Judge, the arson trained dog who’s saved many lives in his community as well!

And K9 Edo, who serves alongside Officer Huynh in the LAPD. Together, they helped to rescue a family with children from extreme danger.

And last but not least, Hooch, the French Mastiff who was viciously violated and left to be a bait dog. The brave soul now works with Marley’s Mutts Miracle Mutts division as a therapy dog, and deservingly took home the grand prize!

Tissues, anyone?