If you love dogs, you might have visited a shelter or two, whether to volunteer or adopt a pet in need. Shelters around the country operate in hopes of giving animals a second chance with a forever family. Quite often, they save animals from death. When Mirabel, a Jack Russell mix, arrived at Woodstock Spay and Neuter Clinic in Lexington, Kentucky, she was in rough condition. The eight-year-old dog arrived without a nose or an upper lip.

Mirabel needed a lot of work, including several surgeries. “Mirabel had one of two much-needed surgeries: to spay her and repair the Inguinal Hernia,” the clinic wrote back on January 11th on Facebook. “If Mirabel could talk, we’re sure she would have a lot to tell us about her will to live and even against all odds, she has made it.”

The clinic, which offers adoption services outside of its spay and neuter services, has been keeping tabs on Mirabel. Her vet bills were paid due to kind donations, and she was able to get a mammary tumor removed in February. “She is the most loving girl and deserves so much love and joy in her life,” the clinic wrote.

And now, the clinic has even better news: Despite not having a nose, Mirabel was adopted out on April 15th. And even better, she’s going to be an “empathy dog” with the organization called Bullfrogs Against Bullying.

The clinic also noted that Mirabel will have a children’s book about her coming out soon, which is so inspiring. She’s come such a long way, and now she’s going to help so many others.

Bullfrogs Against Bullying says they’ll continue to update the public on Mirabel and her progress. We can’t wait.