Dogs are, quite simply, the best. And in case you need concrete proof (or just need a good happy cry), allow us to introduce you to this dog in China who waits at a subway station for his owner to return from work every single day.

His name is Xiongxiong (which translates to “Little Bear”), and he’s 15 years old. You can most often find him at the Liziba metro station in Chongqing’s Yuzhong district. That’s where he patiently waits to greet his owner, who chose not to be named when interviewed by Today, every weekday afternoon.

As you may have guessed, a lot of commuters have grown used to seeing Xiongxiong at his post, and have rewarded his loyalty with pets and warm greetings.

Today reports that the dog’s owner usually has 12-hour work days…which is a long wait!

According to those who run into Xiongxiong, he’s a very well-behaved boy during those hours.

BBC reports that Xiongxiong isn’t on a leash during the day, nor does he even have a collar. But he’s never posed a threat to anyone and has even become a tourist attraction.

We’re glad this good doggo is getting the recognition he deserves!