Madison Vanderberg
Updated Mar 13, 2018 @ 2:00 pm

Listen, we know you’re probably inundated with “omigod look at this dog photo” requests all the time, but please, if you only look at one funny dog image today, it needs to be this one. A one-year-old Shih-poo named Yogi is causing people to lose their damn minds on account of his little doggy face looks like a serious old man face.

Shockingly, the dog’s owner told Buzzfeed News she never noticed that her dog looked like a person! She posted a photo of Yogi next to her regular dog-faced Shih Tzu, the comment section blew up, and that’s how she discovered she’d been living with a creature straight from the uncanny valley. Yogi’s human likeness is all in the eyes, his round and oddly hypnotic eyes.

The general consensus about Yogi is that he looks like the result of a creepy human-dog face swap, or some kind of Facetune anomaly. Nope, he’s just a Shih-poo (a Shih Tzu-Poodle mix). However, if you search for Shih-poo pups online, none of them are quite as human-faced as little Yogi.

Without much further ado, we give you Yogi, the dog with a human face.


The dog’s owner has clearly come around to the idea that her pup might be an old man trapped in a dog’s body. She captioned this recent video: “Ok…so there’s 100% a person in there….

Someone on Twitter thought the dog looked like Jake Gyllenhaal, and sure.

Or maybe he’s more of a Topher Grace.

Okay, wait, it’s Zach Galifianakis.

Yogi is certainly not the first dog with a human face, and he won’t be the last. Remember Tonik? false

Tonik is also a Shih-poo, so if you love the idea of a furry man’s face staring at you for treats, then maybe roll the dice and hope your next Shih-poo pup grows up to be a human dog.