Someone edited a bunch of green screen footage of Doctor Strange into a water park, and it’s pure gold

The Marvel film Doctor Strange stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Stephen Strange, the only person real or fictional to have more improbable name than Benedict Cumberbatch, and — FINALLY — there’s a meme absurd enough to suit them both. Writer and comedian Jesse McLaren recently took a bunch of green screen footage of Doctor Strange from the DVD extras, then edited it to make it look like Doctor Strange was enjoying a day at a waterpark. It is amazing.

You don’t have to know too much about the character Doctor Strange to get just *how* silly this is.

Some films in the Marvel universe, like the first Avengers movie, or Thor: Ragnarok, are known for their humor. Doctor Strange is not one of those films. It’s one of the more unusual films in the MCU, as Doctor Strange himself is a niche, almost unknowable superhero. He’s a martial artist, but also used to be a doctor…and he’s magical? There’s a lot going on. But the humor in Doctor Strange is more understated — dry, even. Even his brief scene in Thor: Ragnarok is overshadowed by Chris Hemsworth’s blissful physical comedy as Thor tries to keep up with his new ally’s peculiarities.

So while Thor and Loki at a waterpark might be more understandable — or any of the squad hitting one up after the shawarma break in Avengers — Doctor Strange living it up is dissonance writ large.

The best part of the edited green screen footage of Doctor Strange comes at the end, so you’ll def want to watch all the way through.

Plus, it’s only seven seconds. That’s basically the length of a Vine (RIP)! So plug in your headphones (yes, the sound is important too) and enjoy the many scenes of Doctor Strange living his best life at a waterpark.

YOLO, Doctor Strange. YOLO.

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