Picture of Do Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Live Together
Credit: Bob Levey / Getty Images

Now that the world is privy to the knowledge that Kylie Jenner did indeed have a baby, everyone wants to know more! We all (im)patiently waited for months, consuming theory after theory and dying to know if she was actually pregnant or not. Like the queen that she is, Jenner announced the truth on Sunday, February 4th, right before the 2018 Super Bowl. Yes, she was pregnant, and yes, she had a baby with Travis Scott! A girl! Kylie named her baby Stormi. Okay, now you’re up to speed. But we still have questions about their life as new parents. Such as, Do Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott live together?

We still aren’t entirely sure about the state of Jenner’s relationship with Scott. But we do know that they’ve been together since April of 2017 and that they are (probably) not married yet. And now, it sounds like the couple is not officially living together. According to PEOPLE, an inside source suggests Jenner and Scott are not living in same house as of yet. While their relationship is still pretty new, the couple is choosing to live apart. Many couples choose not to cohabitate at under a year in their relationship. Jenner and Scott are following suit.

Do Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott live together? No.

And what’s the rush? Living apart can honestly enhance a relationship. Whether or not there is a child involved shouldn’t matter. Jenner is clearly well taken care of with loving family and friends. We’re assuming Stormi is as well.

The inside source weighed in on their relationship, confirming that they are indeed still a couple.

Kylie and Travis are enjoying being a new family of three. It’s okay to take time to figure it all out. Not every family lives under the same roof.

It’s so exciting that they were able to bring a life into this world in such privacy without the heavy scrutiny of the media. How rare these days, especially for the Kardashian-Jenner family. Oh, Stormi. You’ve really got a good thing going.