Kenya Foy
September 01, 2017 8:57 am

One die-hard fan of Frozen‘s Princess Elsa just received a well-deserved apology from Disneyland Paris, which banned a little boy named Noah from its “Princess for a Day” event, E! reports. Attendees of the movie-themed experience are treated to a “fairy tale transformation” complete with makeovers, which the three-year-old’s mother Hayley McLean-Glass thought would be make the perfect early Christmas gift for her son. However, she was shocked after the theme park denied Noah entry because he is a boy.

McLean-Glass responded to Disneyland Park’s email in an open letter, in which she expresses her anger at their decision to exclude Noah because of his gender.

On Thursday, Disneyland Paris issued a formal apology in a statement:

Our heart goes out to Hayley and Noah, and we’re so incredibly glad that Disneyland Paris publicly addressed this issue. We hope that in the future more establishments will educate their employees and make this kind of discrimination a thing of the past.