Credit: KTLA

In case you missed it, the brand new Guardians of the Galaxy ride has arrived at Disneyland, and all reporters who’ve tested the ride have had the same reaction: TOTAL FREAKOUT. Cory James, a reporter for an ABC News affiliate in California was the first victim of the Mission — Breakout! viral reactions, with his reaction gathering national attention — but he certainly wasn’t the last.

It seems that James wasn’t alone in his GOTG ride panic, as *every* reporter who tested the ride on camera reacted the same way. The ride, which replaced the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and closed in January after 13 years, appears to be the next big thrill-seeking attraction at Disneyland.

KTLA Entertainment Reporter Sam Rubin looked tense as the ride began, and quickly spent the entirely of it clutching the man next to him.

He looked so. relieved. when the ride was over that the anchors commended him on a performance well done.

Los Angeles Fox 11 Morning Reporter Matt Johnson played it off cool for the cameras as he described the ride and interviewed the Mission — Breakout! Music Executive. Unfortunately for Johnson, the Good Day L.A. aired the footage of the terrified reporter and he yelped his way through the ride.

While a few of the reporters testing the ride were audibly nervous, Lisa Foxx of 104.3 MYfm was feeling confident — until the ride kicked off, that is.

“I need a drink,” said Foxx, post-ride.

California reporters weren’t the only ones to lose it riding Mission: Breakout! After warning their coworker Tara to not end up with a reaction like James, Good Morning Arizona anchors watched as she nervously tried to amp herself up.

Despite riding the ride with a good friend and her niece, Tara was feeling the nerves.

Seriously though, seeing all these videos makes us only want to ride Mission: Breakout! even more — although maybe without the cameras on us.