C. Molly Smith
January 29, 2018 5:02 pm

Today in disappointing: Diane Keaton has made it very clear that she stands by longtime collaborator Woody Allen amid resurfaced abuse allegations made by his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow.

Farrow has alleged for years that Woody Allen assaulted her when she was just seven years old, and her story has resurfaced in the wake of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. Namely, Farrow recently spoke about the alleged abuse for the first time on TV on CBS This Morning, and she called out Hollywood (including Justin Timberlake) for advocating for the end of sexual misconduct, but working with her adoptive father nonetheless.

Despite that, Diane Keaton — who worked with Allen on Manhattan, Love and Death, Annie Hall, and more — took to Twitter to show her support of Allen, who was never charged with abuse.

In that interview, Allen defends “himself against accusations by [former partner] Mia Farrow that Allen molested their then-7-year-old daughter Dylan Farrow,” 60 Minutes explains.

Allen denied the allegations.

Diane Keaton isn’t the only celebrity to come to Allen’s defense following Dylan Farrow’s resurfaced allegations.

Just yesterday, January 28th, Alec Baldwin continued his defense of the filmmaker with a completely unacceptable string of tweets that attacked Farrow’s claims. Here’s the thing: We need to encourage victims to come forward, not support their alleged abuser or condemn them for speaking out. Because if time is truly up, we need to believe victims, and not the men in power who abused their trust.

So, thank you, Dylan, for bravely sharing your story. And to those who question her, it “might be of interest” to watch her CBS This Morning interview.