Getting started is never easy.

Morgan Noll
Dec 31, 2020 @ 11:25 am
demi lovato therapy
Credit: Rich Polk/E! Entertainment/NBCU Photo Bank, Getty Images

Demi Lovato is a big proponent of therapy—she even partnered up with the online therapy platform Talkspace in September to help destigmatize it—but that doesn't mean it's all a walk in the park. In a recent Instagram comment, the singer got real about relating to a common therapy struggle: starting out with a new therapist.

She commented on repost of a tweet by @livestrongfree, which reads, "I was talking to a new therapist today and giving her my personal history and at one point she just whispered 'wow that's terrible' and i had to be like sweetie we're only at 2015 right now we have 5 more years to cover and spoiler alert it gets worse."

Lovato let us know that she could completely relate, commenting, "Me vs. every therapist ever."

While therapy doesn't come without its struggles—opening up about your personal life to a stranger is hard—we're glad to see Lovato normalizing and advocating for mental health care. The "OK Not to Be OK" singer said in a Talkspace release that she wanted to use her platform to "make mental health care more accessible and help change the way we talk about mental health." The Talkspace x Demi Lovato campaign is aiming to connect more people with access to same-day care from licensed therapists and psychiatry providers.

Lovato, who has been candid about her struggles with addiction and an eating disorder, admitted that it took a lot for her to get to this point. “My journey to becoming an advocate has not been easy, but I am glad that I can help people out there struggling to gain access to resources that could help to improve or even save lives.”