Demi Lovato closed out the U.S. leg of her successful “Tell Me You Love Me” tour and sealed it with a kiss. There’s not much to say here, other than Lovato and her opening act Kehlani kissed on stage during a concert, and in response, Twitter has malfunctioned.

During the song “Lonely,” Lovato’s dancers usually perform a seductive dance around a revolving bed. However, last night, April 2nd, 2018, Kehlani snuck onstage, hopped onto the bed, and surprised Lovato with a sneaky kiss. Kehlani joked that the dancers put her up to the kiss, but clearly, there’s a lot of love between these performers.

Twitter is freaking out because the kiss wasn’t the only surprise. Afterward, Lovato gave Kehlani a lap dance on the rotating bed.

In no particular order, here are several citizens of the internet attempting to quench their thirst: false

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What does Lovato think about it all? She called it a “fun sexy crazy night that I’ll never forget.” Neither will the internet, Lovato. Neither will the internet.