Here’s the meaning behind the “Delicate” video, because Taylor Swift is finally living her best life

During the iHeartRadio Music Awards on Sunday night, Taylor Swift dropped the video for her latest single off of Reputation, “Delicate.” If you can believe it, this is her *sixth* single from the album to date, following the likes of “Look What You Made Me Do,” “…Ready For It?,” “New Year’s Day,” “Gorgeous,” and “End Game.” Once again, we’re treated to the sounds — and also, sights — of a brand new Taylor who has shed her former skin (LIKE A SNAKE) in this brand new Taylor era.

And once again, just like her past video singles, “Delicate” tells a story about this brand new T.Swift. The song itself is about the beginning of a new relationship, and how it is, for lack of a better word, delicate. It’s also low-key about how her prior reputation has hurt her image, and since this new guy is clearly interested in her, he must really “like me for me.” 

But does the video for “Delicate” reflect this same idea? Not exactly. The video appears to be completely detached from the song meaning itself, and that’s a good thing — “Delicate” is all about Taylor accepting herself, regardless of what everyone else thinks. She’s taking her image into her own hands, and doing it like no one is watching — and they’re literally not, because in the video Taylor ~disappears~.

The concept for the video has Swift in the lobby of a swanky hotel, flanked by security guards and fans…and then she realizes she’s invisible. No one can see her. So she dances her little heart out through the lobby, and the 7th Street Metro Station in Los Angeles, and then out into the rain.

It’s only after she’s completely soaked, and stumbles into a bar, that Swift realizes that people can see her again. But she literally doesn’t care, because she’s just had the time of her LIFE making a fool of herself. false false

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Many are also pointing out that it might be about Taylor’s mental health, and how she’s started taking time for *herself.* false

It’s just so wonderful to see Taylor so happy and FREE. Keep living your best life, Reputation Taylor.

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