Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Jan 30, 2017 @ 7:59 am
Credit: Worawee Meepian / Shutterstock

What a time to be alive, friends. Everyone’s go-to ride just responded to the viral #DeleteUber by pledging $3 million dollars to their drivers. ICYMI, here’s what led to #DeleteUber: As you probably know, last week, Donald Trump issued an executive order banning refugees and immigrants from many Muslim-majority countries. Protests exploded all over the country, and we were like, TG! In a brave move of solidarity, the New York Taxi Workers Alliance decided to protest, too.

But then Uber made everyone mad by turning the protest into a marketing move, announcing that they’d remove surge pricing and undercutting the work of protesters, leading #DeleteUber to start trending on social media.

According to Fortune, the now-viral tag #DeleteUber was started by Dan O’Sullivan, who criticized Uber’s support of Trump in this way, and financially. false

In a Facebook post, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick tried to combat the beyond viral push to #DeleteUber.

So how is Uber trying to make things right? By supporting Uber drivers who are specifically harmed by the refugee ban.

This comes after LYFT planned to donate $1 million to the ACLU. As far as we’re concerned, the more support for marginalized people in this trying time, the better.