Karen Fratti
November 30, 2017 9:49 am

In the most recent update from Adam Ellis, the guy on Twitter who’s being haunted by a child ghost named Dear David, things got super terrifying. As if things weren’t already scary AF, Dear David opened the hatch this week and left Adam some clues.

If you haven’t been totally invested in this from the beginning, let us catch you up.

New York-based Ellis is being visited in dreams by what he thinks is a child ghost. Once, he even saw the ghost sitting in a chair. He’s tried to take photos, but mostly the pictures come out really dark and just add to the creep factor.

Ellis has said that in one dream, Dear David said he was killed in a store when someone pushed a shelf on him. Since then, all sorts of weird things have been happening to Ellis in his NYC apartment.

Here’s what Ellis says David looks like. Not cool, right?

And how he appeared in a photo.

Ellis noted that he’s heard sounds above him, which is weird, since he lives on the top floor. Then, just before Thanksgiving, Ellis noted a hatch in his hallway that he had always seen, but assumed led to the roof.

He did some calculations, and realized that there’s a crawl space above him.

Skeptics might assume that there’s a raccoon or a mouse or something else more benign in the crawl space. It could maybe be old pipes. But, as one does, Ellis ordered a telescoping pole to check out what’s inside.

This is when things get really, super terrifying.

The next morning, he realized there was a bunch of debris on the stairs. RIGHT UNDER THE HATCH.

He grabbed the telescoping pole and attempted to open it.


A child’s leather shoe. He then called his landlord to come over with a solid ladder and take a peek around. The landlord didn’t see anything — no mice, raccoons, no squatters. And luckily no demon child. But he did find a marble.

A really old marble.

Ellis said that he’s keeping the shoe and the marble in his house for safekeeping (is it us, or is that kinda cray? He’s basically luring David to him!).

Unless, of course, this is just a perfectly woven horror story that Ellis has crafted for us and is faking the whole thing. Either way, stay safe, dude.