Step aside, Casper. Go back to your toilet, Moaning Myrtle. And please take several seats, Patrick Swayze in Ghost — because Dear David is officially going Hollywood!

Our favorite Manhattan-dwelling ghost is officially on a break from his regularly scheduled haunting duties because he’s getting the big-screen treatment. Adam Ellis, the NYC illustrator whose life has been turned upside-down by the ghost, just revealed that his experience being haunted by Dear David is being turned into a movie.

If you’ve been following this saga — as most of the internethas been — you’ll have noticed that things have been pretty quiet as of late. Little did we know he was *actually* preparing for his big break! But let’s face it, a big-screen adaptation of the viral haunting was inevitable from the start.

According to Ellis, who broke the news on Twitter today, It director Dan Lin will be producing the film, with The Crooked Man writer Mike Van Waes writing the screenplay. With guys from It and the Conjuring franchise involved, it’s safe to say this film is going to be *seriously* scary. While the director and cast haven’t been announced just yet, we’re keeping our fingers crossed there’s a part for Devon Sawa.

The other ghosts of New York seriously need to step up their game…but actually please don’t.

While Dear David’s existence has been long debated — Ellis maintains the ghost and his haunting is very real — there’s no denying that Ellis’s story is completely enthralling…and very scary. Last August, Ellis went viral after Tweeting about a ghost named Dear David haunting his apartment. Since then, we’ve followed along as Dear David has continued to haunt Ellis, even following him to Montana over the holidays.

But since January, things have been generally quiet — much to Ellis’s relief. While the illustrator’s lack of updates has been a source of frustration for many of his followers — which is hilarious considering Ellis’s Tweets indicate Dear David is terrorizing him — he seems perfectly fine to never have to tweet about Dear David ever again.

He also defended himself against those who claimed he created Dear David for publicity.

While we’re both excited and nervous to see the haunting by Dear David come to the big screen, we’re wishing the ghost all the best in his new career!