Meaghan Kirby
January 17, 2018 6:54 pm

Someone please call the Ghostbusters, because it seems like this Dear David saga is never going to end.

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the NYC ghost that has captured Twitter’s attention, “Dear David” is a child ghost who has been haunting a Manhattan-based illustrator named Adam Ellis. While at first, Ellis’ tweets about a ghost in his apartment didn’t seem too out of the ordinary — because a ghost is a ghost, amirite? However, soon things started to get pretty dark as Ellis updated Twitter on Dear David’s cause of death, and later revealed that the ghost was not haunting Ellis’ apartment but rather Ellis himself. Yikes.

Just after New Year’s, Ellis dropped what may be one of his scariest updates yet. The illustrator took to Twitter to share that Dear David had left Manhattan to pay Ellis a visit all the way in Montana. That’s right, Dear David braved holiday travel to spook Ellis into the new year. Just kidding — Dear David doesn’t need to pay travel fees because he’s a ghost.

Anyway, Ellis also revealed that after their excursion West, he used a recording device to capture a photo of Dear David hovering him like Casper the potentially murderous ghost of your nightmares.

But after a brief hiatus like the one boyband One Direction was *supposed* to have, Dear David is back — and just like Fit Tea and those haircare gummies beloved by Bachelor contestants, he’s now haunting Instagram.

In his latest Twitter thread, Ellis revealed that after his haunting in Montana, Dear David was largely leaving him alone and he was feeling pretty excited about it. After sleeping soundly for a while and feeling all-around pretty top-notch — save a few concerning memory gaps — Ellis was finally ready to celebrate the end of the saga on Twitter. That is, until Dear David decided to desecrate the beloved sacrament of bottomless brunch.

You see, Ellis and his friend went to brunch and documented it on his Instagram story, as one does, and left it at that. But Ellis revealed that he suddenly found himself with a lot of notifications because it appeared there was something off with one of his photos.

Apparently Dear David was jealous they didn’t get an invite to brunch because the ghost decided to straight-up mess with Ellis’ face.

Ellis went on to reveal that he had no idea how the glitch happened…before correcting himself to say that he knows exactly how the glitch occured — looking at you, Dear David — but added that he’s almost reached the point where he doesn’t even care because he just wants his life to go back to normal.

Maybe Dear David just wants Tom Hardy or Chris Evans to read him a bedtime story. I’m no paranormal expert a la Peter Venkman or Abby Yates but it sounds like it could be worth a try. If I was a ghost, I feel like that would certainly be helpful to my plight and make me want to haunt people less. But that’s just one suggestion. Honestly though, Ellis would also benefit from being read a bedtime story by Chris or Tom. It seems infinitely more relaxing than going to bed dreading a child ghost infiltrating your dreams!

Regardless, we’re certainly wishing Ellis all the best as he attempts to live his best Dear David-less life.