Meaghan Kirby
March 13, 2018 4:46 pm

Everything seems to be business as usual on Adam Ellis’ Twitter account, but after the past six months, it’s almost unsettlingly normal. At this point, everyone online knows Ellis, the Manhattan-based comic illustrator whose life has been turned upside-down by the ghost of a dead child. But unlike all the promises Casper made about having a ghost friend, Ellis’ tale has been nothing short of a nightmare.

The story first captured the attention of Twitter back in August, when Ellis revealed he’s being haunted by a ghost child of our nightmares named Dear David. For months now, Ellis has been routinely sharing various tales about Dear David that would have even the Ghostbusters — 1984 and 2016 teams — shaking in their suits. Since August, the busy little ghost has startled the cats, infiltrated Ellis’ dreams, moved apartments to continue haunting Ellis, followed him to Montana, and flat-out maybe tried to kill him.

While Twitter is divided over whether Ellis is actually living in the horror of our nightmares or is just one of the best content creators in existence, it’s undeniable that his story has people captivated and terrified. But since mid-January, when Dear David began haunting Ellis’ Instagram — as a ghost does when expanding their brand — things have been oddly quiet. With the exception of a cryptic tweet or update here and there, Ellis has kept a very lot profile.

In fact, yesterday, the illustrator took to Twitter to assure fans that he’s still alive and well, and earlier today, he posted a comic to the social media platform.

Ellis reassured fans that all was quiet — it seems Dear David has been hibernating since his post-holiday Instagram spree — adding that he’s been trying to focus on work, rather than dwell on the whereabouts of the ghost.

But while he usually saves his comics for his Instagram followers, the illustrator shared a Rosemary’s Baby-esque comic strip depicting a gender-reveal party — with a twist, based on a tweet by writer Keely Flaherty.

For those hoping Dear David has returned to wreak havoc more on Ellis’ life, it seems you’ll have to wait another day.

While we’re desperate for this Dear David saga to be resolved — but more for Ellis than any of us — we’re glad that the terrifying experience hasn’t completely put his life on hold and he’s continuing to create incredible comics.