Just when we think we can’t love the coupledom that is Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell any more, they go and do something to tip the cuteness scales in their favor even more. This time, it occurred on the January 3rd episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Shepard appeared on the episode to promote his interview podcast Armchair Expert on what also happened to be his birthday (January 2nd, when the episode was taped).

Shepard lamented having a birthday so close to the holidays and New Year’s, noting that his birthday parties always happen just when everyone is giving up carbs and alcohol (lol). He also reminded the audience, “It’s traditionally when you go back to school as a kid. It’s like, ‘Happy birthday! Go to school!'” Shepard then participated in a segment called “Dr. Dax,” in which he took questions from the audience…and one of those audience members happened to be his wife.

After making an obligatory “in the bedroom” joke, Shepard got serious.

Both Shepard and Bell got teary-eyed (“You’re crying, too!” Bell yelled across the audience at her husband). It was a sweet, genuine moment, and we’re just glad we got to be a part of it via our computer screens.

The famous couple are incredibly open about how much work it takes to keep their relationship strong, often noting that they attend couple’s counseling and individual therapy to ensure they’re tackling issues in emotionally healthy ways. And honestly, IOHO, that’s what truly makes these two #COUPLEGOALS.

Happy belated birthday, Dax!