Credit: The WB

While fans of Dawson’s Creek were all smiles during the reunion, there were two people who were notably absent from the big event — Dawson Leery’s parents. Mary-Margaret Humes and John Wesley Shipp, who had a tumultuous relationship on the show, were missing from the big event, and according to the two of them, it was no fault of their own.

Humes in particular is big on posting behind-the-scenes shots from the show on Instagram, so playing the part of Gail Leery apparently had quite a big impact on her, both personally and professionally. She used the social media site to address the reunion that Entertainment Weekly put together, mentioning that the reunion happened “behind our backs,” and openly stated she was a bit hurt to learn she wasn’t invited.

We can’t even imagine how sad it must have been to know about the reunion the same time the rest of the world did.

Humes said that while both her and Shipp had done phone interviews about their time on Dawson’s Creek, it just wasn’t the same. She views the cast and crew as family, and wished she had the opportunity to see them face-to-face again.

Fans were quick to let her know that they noticed the absence, and also weren’t happy about it.

Personally, we would have given anything to see if Shipp would address the unfortunate death of his character. (In case you forgot, he died while haphazardly eating ice cream while driving.)

Without Dawson’s parents, there’d be no Dawson’s Creek. We hope that Humes and Shipp get a chance to reunite with their on-set family sooner rather than later!