Sophy Ziss
February 05, 2018 11:10 am

David Harbour is best known as the bizarrely alluring Chief Jim Hopper on Netflix’s Stranger Things, but then the internet got to know him better and he became so much more. The most recent in Harbour’s string of amazingly good things fueled by his active Twitter account has to be his current mission to hang out with penguins in Antarctica. In fact, David Harbour seemingly missed his own Super Bowl commercials because he’s en route to meet said penguins.

Harbour starred in a series of hilarious Tide ads during the 2018 Super Bowl, and the company pulled out all the stops for this year’s Super Bowl ads. Throughout the game, Harbour appeared in a series of increasingly meta, convoluted, and hilarious spots for Tide, boasting the detergent’s power and turning other advertisements on their head. When the comedian from the Old Spice ads popped up on a horse with him, it was only a matter of time before the internet’s whole heart burst.

But Harbour wouldn’t know! The evidence? The actor posted a video to his Instagram, where he and (possible girlfriend) Alison Sudol explain they’re off to meet penguins for real.

On January 21st, Harbour tweeted at Greenpeace, asking how many retweets he’d need to compliment Emperor Penguins on their parenting styles. Greenpeace responded that for a lofty 200,000 RTs, they’d check in with their Antarctic captain and see if there’d be room for him on their next trip. They included a gif of Hopper’s Stranger Things dance, because the internet is a magical, beautiful place where environmentalists and your celeb crushes come together to make your week.

Here’s what happened next:

And here’s what happened after that:

It’s so ridiculously cute that Harbour is excited to the point of “forgetting” what they’re even doing. Sudol has to chime in, and explain to Harbour’s three million (!) Instagram followers that they’re actually en route to Penguin Town. The timing probably didn’t allow for David Harbour to catch his Super Bowl ads live, which is kind of a bummer, until you remember what he’s doing.

The penguin dance should more than make up for it, and we can’t wait to see that video.