Nicole Pomarico
March 19, 2018 10:29 am

It’s official, everyone: Dairy Queen is bringing back Free Cone Day, which means there’s good in this world after all. The tradition is continuing for yet another year and if you’re interested in grabbing your free cone — which you totally should because duh, it’s free — here’s the scoop.

According to Delish, Free Cone Day is happening on Tuesday, March 20th, at all Dairy Queen locations that aren’t in a mall (so make sure you plan to visit a stand-alone store). On that day, each customer is entitled to one free vanilla cone and donations from customers will go to the Children’s Miracle Network, which is another awesome tradition the company is continuing to follow. Go grab your free cone after work, take the opportunity to get rid of your spare change, and everybody wins.

Free ice cream and you get to help a great cause? What’s not to love about that?

Being that March 20th also happens to be the first day of spring, it might be a good day to celebrate warmer weather with ice cream — as long as the sky cooperates.  If it’s felt like a long winter to you, you’re definitely not alone, so what better way to say goodbye (more like good riddance) than with a yummy frozen treat that you didn’t have to pay for?

Just imagine: On March 20th, you, too, could be as happy as this kid:

DQ exec Maria Hokanson told Delish in a statement, “We’re excited for our fourth annual Free Cone Day. This day has become a spring tradition and a sign that warmer weather is upon us.” Amen, sister.

Add that day to your calendar, and don’t forget to show up to Dairy Queen to collect — and donate, if you can. Last year, they were able to raise $300,000 for Children’s Miracle Network, which goes to show that Free Cone Day is amazing for so many other reasons that don’t involve ice cream.