Ever since we learned that Cynthia Nixon was running for governor of New York, it’s been hard to resist making jokes about Sex and the City. After all, deciding to start a new career in politics does seem like something Miranda Hobbes would do. But in a new campaign video costarring comedian John Early, Nixon urges potential voters to focus on the issues and to stop comparing her to the lawyer she once played on TV.

In the video, which was posted on September 4th by Nixon’s campaign team, Cynthia for New York, Early sits down for an intimate conversation with Nixon—but starts the interview by calling Nixon “Miranda.” Things quickly get worse from there.

“Speaking of housing—so sorry—how could Carrie afford to live on the Upper East Side when she literally wrote like, one column per week?” Early asks. (We’d be lying if we said we’d never wondered the same thing.)

As the mock interview continues, Early even drifts into a full-on Carrie Bradshaw-style reverie (which Nixon hilariously calls him out on). After another failed attempt to get the line of questioning back on track, Nixon sets the record straight.

“My hair isn’t even red,” she continues. “Because I’m Cynthia. I’m a blonde. And I would like to be your next governor.”

Well said, Cynthia.

All jokes aside, Nixon has an incredible track record of political activism, and her platform for governor proves that she truly wants to improve the lives of everyday New Yorkers.

If you live in New York, don’t forget to vote in the governor primary on September 13th.