Today, March 22nd, the Crystal Ball Frappuccino magically appeared in participating Starbucks locations in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The new mystical elixir is drawing a crowd with its supposed ability to tell ~the future~. But what exactly is in the Crystal Ball Frappuccino (besides the obvious ingredients — fairy dust and unicorn tears)?

The drink actually has a fruity flavor. According to Starbucks’s website, the Crystal Ball Frappuccino is a crème-based “swirling peach infusion” topped with peach-flavored whipped cream.

Looking into the nitty-gritty makeup of the beverage, we found that both the peach whipped cream and the base drink contain an infusion of apples, natural flavors, licorice root, rose hips, hibiscus, orange peels, lemon verbena, chamomile pollen, and lavender flowers. The flavor profile sounds pretty spring-like to us and we’re not mad at it.

The Crystal Ball Frapp gets its color from the Gem Drizzle — which appears to be a version of a white mocha sauce mixed with turquoise sprinkles.

So far, these ingredients sound fairly ordinary. But don’t lose hope quite yet. The magic part has yet to be revealed. Once the drink is fully made, a barista randomly chooses one of three colored candy gems to sprinkle on top. Each color — blue, green, and purple — signifies a different fortune.

The customer won’t find out which color they got until their drink is served.

Although the Crystal Ball Frappuccino has a peachy flavor to it, it seems like fate is the main ingredient in this new beverage. Do you dare tempt fate to see what your future holds?

Heck, to get a good Instagram and see those magical sprinkles at work, we absolutely would!