Get ready to feel all the feelings. A 10-year-old little girl named Emma, who has a prosthetic leg, just got a very special gift and her reaction is tugging on our heartstrings in a major way and proving just why it’s SO important for us to see ourselves in pop culture.

Emma’s parents bought her a doll from the American Girl store and then had it modified to have a prosthetic leg like Emma’s. (Pink, of course.) A Step Ahead Prosthetics made the adjustments on the doll and even wrote a sweet letter to Emma that read, “After a few weeks of training to walk and run in her new prosthetic, she is ready to go home and live her life without limitations with you.” *sniffle*

The doll was obviously a complete and total surprise for Emma. When she first opens the box, she says, “You’ve got to be kidding me. It’s got a leg like me!” And then she breaks down. There are a lot of happy tears. A whole lot. And of course we’re crying right along with her.

Emma’s mom, Courtney Fletcher Bennett, caught the whole thing on video as a thank you to the company that made the doll, then posted it to Facebook. It’s already been viewed nearly 9 million times in just two days. Take a look below. It just might make your Friday…