Hustlers doesn’t hit theaters until September, but it’s already gotten a lot of buzz thanks to a cast that includes Cardi B, Jennifer Lopez, Lizzo, and Constance Wu. But amid all of the Hustlers hype, there have been rumors of drama on the movie’s set—rumors that singled out Wu as difficult to work with. Now, the Crazy Rich Asians star is defending herself from the gossip.

The drama started on July 24th, when a report from Page Six claimed that those who worked with Wu on Hustlers felt that she was a “difficult diva.” Page Six alleged that Wu’s reps for the movie had asked several media outlets to list her first among the cast members. One anonymous source allegedly told the gossip site that the actress was “a total piece of work” and accused her of treating others badly.

Wu addressed the unflattering report in a statement to ET Online, published on July 25th.

Wu’s representative also issued a statement to ET Online pointing out that Wu’s character is the “key protagonist.” The statement also refuted the claim that she demanded top billing, calling it “patently untrue and a clear manipulation of facts.”

In May, Wu came under fire for social media comments she made when her sitcom, Fresh Off the Boat, was renewed.

As notes, Wu initially tweeted, “So upset right now that I’m literally crying,” along with, “Ugh. Fuck.” Later, she clarified that her words were the result of a bad day, not the renewal news, and said that she was grateful for the show. false

It’s never fun to be the target of unsubstantiated rumors. We’re going to refrain from judgment here, and we’re wishing Wu and the rest of the Hustlers cast luck as the movie prepares to open.