Anna Sheffer
April 25, 2018 8:13 am
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If you’re a, ’80s or ’90s kid, chances are you grew up watching (or maybe even streamingSchoolhouse Rock. With its cartoon characters and catchy tunes, the series taught many of us the fundamentals of grammar and math in a way we’ll never forget. We learned about a man named Lolly who sells adverbs, listened to the woes of the loneliest bill on Capitol Hill, and of course, discovered the function of a conjunction with the classic “Conjunction Junction.” Even long after we left school, these songs stayed with us, and listening them now takes us right back to that “first day of school” feeling.

But sadly for those who remember the series fondly, today, April 25th, the show’s creator, Bob Dorough, passed away at the age of 94. Although his exact cause of death hasn’t been released, Dorough’s granddaughter, Corin Wolf, told CNN that her grandfather had been diagnosed with cancer.

Apart from his loved ones, the jazz musician is survived by his songs. Schoolhouse Rock originally aired on ABC from 1973 to 1985 and was revived in the ’90s. And many of the program’s songs are still used in classrooms today, meaning that thousands of people have heard Dorough’s compositions. One of the most memorable of the show’s songs is “Conjunction Junction,” which, with its jazzy, syncopated rhythm, is one of the most enduring earworms of all time. And who can forget the classic video, featuring boxcars with conjunctions like “but” and “or” painted on the sides?

In memory of Dorough, here are the lyrics to “Conjunction Junction, from Genius.”

ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images

Even as adults, we’ll never forget the lessons (and songs) we learned from Schoolhouse Rock. We’re grateful that Dorough was able to share his musical abilities with children everywhere, and our hearts are with his loved ones during this difficult time.