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In news that should be shocking to absolutely no one but is still completely disgusting, Donald Trump was recently called out (again) for making degrading remarks about a woman. She just so happens to be Condoleezza Rice, who had the perfect response to Trump after reports surfaced that he called her a bitch while giving a speech in New York City in 2006.

Although Us Weekly reports that the initial Trump comment was inaccurate, the Republican presidential candidate’s statements regarding Rice were typical of all the horribly offensive shit we can’t believe Trump says and continues to spout with reckless abandon.

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His exact words about the former secretary of state were captured on video and confirmed by CNN:

“I wish she was a bitch. I don’t care if she’s a lovely woman. I want somebody that can go and make deals. She goes to countries, nothing ever happens. Except sound bytes.” He later told CNN, “I think she’s a very nice person, and I think she’s a really wonderful woman but I would like to see somebody that’s a negotiator. We need a negotiator. We don’t need sound bytes.”

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UGH. So clearly the issue lies with Trump’s belief that a woman who is astute, assertive and capable of taking charge is unequivocally a bitch. Then there’s the condescending manner in which he undermined Rice’s authority by referring to her as “lovely” and a “nice person,” as if she can’t be lovely, nice and still kick ass at her job.

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When CNN asked Rice what she thought about Trump’s bitch comment, she basically gave the equivalent of #boybye, responding via email, “Can’t wait until November 9!” In other words, Rice is with everyone else who hopes that Trump’s presidential campaign is a huge nightmare that we’ll all wake up from on Election Day.