Credit: Disney

If you need a good excuse to head to Disneyland in the near future, we’ve got one right here: The Anaheim, California theme park just opened up their brand new stage musical, Frozen – Live at the Hyperion. There will be snowmen. The’ll be reindeer. And even more amazing, Disneyland color-blind casted this show, which means we are going to see people of color in roles like Elsa, Kristoff, and even Olaf!!

The brand new show debuted for the first time on Friday, and if you think you’ve seen one Frozen show you’ve seen them all, you’re wrong. You’ve probably never seen one quite like this before, where everything about the show completely comes to life. It’s Disney magic in full force, and still, even better, the cast is full of the incredibly diverse people of Arendelle.

Credit: Scott Brinegar/Disneyland Resort
Credit: Piotr A. Redlinski/Disneyland Resort

With the show playing a million times a day (JK, it only plays three times a day, but that number will grow as the days get longer in suuuummeeerrrr) Anna can’t be Anna in every show, you know? While all of the diverse cast members have yet to take to the stage, they will over the next few days.

Credit: Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland Resort

As you can imagine, people are LOVING THIS. false false false false false

The show will run from now until, uh, probably forever. Not that we’d ever want to…let this go.