Olivia Harvey
Updated May 29, 2020 @ 6:05 pm

Back in their Disney Channel days, it was a bit difficult to tell the Sprouse twins apart if you weren’t a diehard Suite Life of Zack & Cody fan. It really wasn’t until Cole Sprouse was cast as the dark-haired Jughead Jones on Riverdale that we actually felt confident being able to tell which twin was Dylan and which was Cole. But, as Cole just revealed in a recent Instagram post, he’s back to blonde, and we’re again confused about which witch is which, if you catch our drift.

Cole Sprouse recently modeled for friend and photographer Alexandra Hainer, who shot the Riverdale star looking relaxed, sun-kissed, and blonde as heck—a far cry from the character he has played for the past three years.

He captioned the collection of photos, “Some more from @alex_hainer to sever my audience in twain,” knowing that he was going to get some confused reactions about who exactly this is in these photos.

For reference, here’s what Cole looked like at the beginning of March:

And here’s Cole’s new quarantine look:

Instagram user @emilly.deassis said it best when they commented, “You’re telling me that’s cole sprouse.” Um, yeah.

So, Cole is back to looking identical to his twin brother Dylan, who took a step back from acting and now heads up the All-Wise Brewery in Brooklyn, New York.

The only thing separating these two now is that scruffy quarantine facial hair Cole is sporting. He told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show that it’s for an upcoming role. But also, it’s simply a good look.

Some are speculating Cole’s transformation is in response to a potential breakup between him and Riverdale costar Lili Reinhart. Rumors of a split started when their costar Skeet Ulrich told fans during an Instagram Live that Cole and Lili “were a very cute couple”—past tense. Neither stars have confirmed or denied that their relationship is over, though.

Whatever the reason for this new look, we’re shocked that Cole can so easily shapeshift right under our noses.