Karen Belz
March 15, 2018 11:53 am
John Hay / Lonely Planet Images / Getty Images

It’s official: Two of our most favorite things have become one. Apothic Wine is set to release a red wine made with cold brew coffee, and the limited release will launch on April 1st. And, yes, if this is an April Fool’s Joke, it’s the cruelest one we’ll ever see in our lifetimes.

But it’s doubtful that they’re pranking us. Not only is Apothic Wine known for its innovations, but the company is not the first to think of combining the two popular beverages. In 2017, we learned that cafe owner named Rick Molinari offered up a wine roasted with coffee beans at his Napa Valley location.

Apothic got the idea after seeing that cold-brew coffee demands were on the rise. In response, they created Apothic Brew, which contains 13.5% alcohol per volume.

According to Apothic Wine’s website, which also lists where the new wine will be available, there’s not a lot of caffeine in the final product — less than you’d find in a cup of decaf coffee, to be exact. It’s more about the comforting flavor. The flavor notes they mention include coffee, “red fruit,” and toasted oak.

To us, it sounds like the perfect pre-dinner drink (or during, or after…). According to their website, you’ll be able to buy it online at The Barrel Room.