If you thought slideshows of corgis in sunglasses was “too much for you to handle,” when prowling the Internet, then consider yourself officially warned:

You’re about to step into a cute and heartbreaking holiday overload.

This coffee shop in Greece has been bringing the holiday cheer to a pack of stray dogs every night, opening their doors and letting the pups sleep comfortably after the shop closes. This picture of pups tuckered out on cafe booths has been making the rounds on the Internet, making us all feel all the feelings.

According to the Dodo, the cafe is located in Lesbos, in the North Aegean Sea. Though Greece has strict laws about animal protection, this business has been taking a stand to help conditions for feral dogs, especially when it may be too cold for them to get through the night.

The picture was first posted to Facebook by Eustratios Papanis in an effort to raise awareness about animal welfare and has been shared by over 1,000 people.

Apparently this act of kindness isn’t rare within this region, where stray dogs and other animals run rampant. Local residents will frequently care for the dogs like they were their own, offering shelter when it gets too cold or leaving food out so they can survive cold winter nights.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be totally-not-crying-at-my-desk dreaming about writing a TV show where a group of Grecian feral dogs run their own “doggy coffee shop” after hours.

(Image via Facebook)