Genelle Levy
March 26, 2018 7:08 am

When we think Coachella, we think of sunsets, amazing music, and boho fringe galore…so what could be better than throwing a Coachella-themed party? (Okay, okay, actually going to Coachella may be better, but a Coachella-themed party is still pretty sweet).

The music festival begins on Friday, April 13th this year and will feature everyone from Cardi B to Jack Antanoff’s Bleachers, French Montana, and Queen Bey herself. It also spans across two glorious weekends, meaning you have two opportunities to throw your Coachella-themed soiree on an actual Coachella weekend (though a Coachella party is a solid theme all year round…because again…boho fringe galore).

If you’re looking to throw a music-festival inspired get-together, but aren’t exactly sure where to begin, worry not — we’ve got you covered. From creative decorations, to playlist ideas, to a killer dress code, below is some serious inspo for the Coachella party of your dreams.

A dress code.

Bohemian style is a staple of the festival, so encourage your friends to come decked out in fringed vests, flower crowns, denim cutoffs, and anything that screams ’70s floral power. However, don’t be afraid to gently steer your guests clear of things like Native American feather headdresses, moccasins, and feather earrings to avoid cultural appropriation. 


The key to Coachella is color, hints of ’70s retro, and chill vibes, so that should definitely be reflected in your decor. And since so much of Coachella happens in a desert, don’t be afraid to take your party outside. You can even create an outdoor sleepover scenario set up with pillows and comforters, tents (preferably not teepees), and a colorful streamer canopy.

Whether your decor is outdoor or indoor, you can finish it off with a few handmade touches like chalkboard signs that lay out the playlist or the menu, potted mini cacti, and fake flowers all over the place.

The playlist

There is no Coachella without the music, so be sure to have your playlists ready to go. You can access the festival lineup here and even recreate a similar soundtrack, or you can access the official Coachella inspired playlist on Spotify.

The drinks

A Coachella-themed party is the perfect opportunity to serve up some sunny summer flavors, whether alcoholic or non. We’re all about this dry and spicy daiquiri made with two ounces of white rum, fresh watermelon cubes, dried chile pepper and lime juice. Or if you want something with even more sunshine flavor you can try this Brooklyn Shandy recipe, with applejack, ginger-cider syrup, ginger ale, lemon juice and white ale.

No matter what you do, the important thing is to have fun and get your groove on. Remember, it’s Coachella, people!