Karen Belz
March 16, 2018 9:09 am

Okay ’90s kids, you might want to sit down for some of the best reboot news EVER. Viacom has confirmed that a Clarissa Explains it All reboot is in talks at Nickelodeon, and — better yet — it would feature Melissa Joan Hart reprising her role as our very own Clarissa Darling (cue omnipresent guitar riff).

In case you weren’t aware, this is the second of Hart’s iconic shows to receive reboot treatment. Netflix has ordered the first season of  Sabrina the Teenage Witch starring Mad Men‘s Kiernan Shipka as Sabrina Spellman (unfortunately, Hart isn’t included in the cast as far as we know).

However, the potential Clarissa Explains It All reboot would entail Clarissa as an adult, and Hart would definitely be involved. HollywoodReporter.com indicated that the show would feature Clarissa heading up a family of her own (not unlike Cory and Topanga in Girl Meets World). So if you’ve ever wondered who Clarissa ended up with (and whether or not it was BFF Sam) you may finally get your answer.

Series creator Mitchell Kriegman is reportedly in talks to serve as an executive producer and would write several episodes.

Kriegman wrote a book in 2015 that followed the character of Clarissa into her twenties, called Things I Can’t Explain, but we don’t yet know if details from the book will connect with the show in any significant way. Back in February, Hart noted in an interview with HollywoodReporter.com that she thinks Clarissa Explains It All, which she credited as being a “mini film school” for her, could easily make a come-back since the show was left somewhat open-ended.

Fans of the series may recall that there was once talk of a second series with Clarissa in New York City, but it didn’t get picked up by the network.

We still have a ton of questions (many of them surrounding younger brother Ferguson and if he’d also make an appearance on the show), but we’ll likely have to wait a while for answers since the series is currently only in the initial stages of development.

Patience children of the ’90s. Patience.