There are some women whose bravery takes our breath away. The Rev. Dr. Amy Butler, a senior minister at New York City’s Riverside Church (not to mention the first female to hold that role), is one. Her act of bravery was not physical, but mental. She shared the story of her late term abortion in an essay for USA Today.

That’s right. A religious figure wrote about abortion — her own.

Dr. Butler was moved to share the story of her struggles due to the current political climate:

Abortion has been a hot topic this election season, as it often is since the candidates stances are so different. In her essay, Dr. Butler gets very personal about the experience.

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Compelled by the presidential candidate’s words, she bravely continues her personal story.

In the powerful essay, she recounts how she got the news that something was wrong with her pregnancy in her third trimester. Doctors confirmed that her baby was not healthy, and would likely not survive birth. Even worse, if she did, she would slowly suffer and die shortly after. Morever, doctors told her that continuing the pregnancy would be dangerous for her.

Butler was devastated and forced to make one of the hardest decisions imaginable.

We wish some of our current political candidates would read this essay and understand.

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Butler believes politicians like Donald Trump devalue women’s real and often horrific experiences, which she eloquently states in her essay. As the election approaches, we are thankful for women like Rev. Dr. Amy Butler who share their stories. Thank you.