Exactly two months ago on September 27th, professor and research psychologist Dr. Christine Blasey Ford shared testimony about the night Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh allegedly sexually assaulted her. And now, Blasey is using the money she received from supporters through GoFundMe to help other survivors of trauma.

In a November 21st update on her GoFundMe page, Ford thanked everyone who had contributed to her fundraiser and announced that she was closing the page to further donations after two months. In that time, donors raised nearly $650,000, far exceeding her goal of $150,000. Ford explained that part of the money had been used to cover security and housing costs (because she was literally receiving death threats), including when she was in D.C. for the hearing. But the rest, she wrote, would be donated to charities that support trauma survivors.

Ford continued by writing that she is currently researching organizations to donate to, and she promised to update her GoFundMe page again once she reached a decision. She concluded her post with a message of gratitude.

Although Kavanaugh has since assumed his position on the Supreme Court, Ford’s lawyers told NPR in early November that the professor was still receiving threats. The animosity toward her has forced her to move four times, and to date she has not been able to resume her teaching job at Palo Alto University.

We applaud Ford’s unimaginable strength and immense bravery, and we continue to stand with her—and all survivors.