Anna Sheffer
May 03, 2018 9:52 am

Whether she’s belting it out onstage or wearing a stripped-down no-makeup look on a magazine cover, Christina Aguilera is always captivating. But although the former The Voice judge has been busy over the past few years — even dropping a new single here and there — she’s kept her fans on pins and needles waiting for a new album. Today, May 3rd, after much anticipation, her new music video “Accelerate” dropped, giving us a taste of her upcoming album.

“Accelerate” is the first single to be released from Aguilera’s hip-hop-inspired album Liberationwhich will be out June 15th. It’s the singer’s first full-length studio album in five years. The “Dirrty” singer’s newest track was produced by none other than Kanye West and features rappers Ty Dolla $ign and 2Chainz.

Aguilera has been teasing the video on her social media accounts all week. On April 3oth and May 1st, she shared snippets of the video editing process on Instagram, and then yesterday, May 2nd, she tantalized her fans with a clip from the music video itself, featuring her suggestively lapping up milk like a cat.

“I feel in life when you get to a place where you feel so comfortable and so routine, then you know you need to stop and start from scratch,” she said in a May 1st Instagram video.

The music video, directed by Zoey Grossman, features softly lit black and white shots of Xtina interspersed with neon closeups of her face and lips. The diva keeps her look simple in the video, wearing minimal makeup with her blonde hair down and tousled (although she rocks a glittery silver lip at one point). The song’s smooth, R&B beat is the perfect showcase for Xtina’s powerhouse vocals, and the tune is so catchy, you’ll have trouble getting it out of your head.

Here are the full lyrics to “Accelerate,” from Genius:

Intro: Christina Aguilera

Verse 1: Christina Aguilera & Ty Dolla $ign 

Pre-Chorus: Christina Aguilera & Ty Dolla $ign 

Chorus: Christina Aguilera & Ty Dolla $ign 

Verse 2: Christina Aguilera & Ty Dolla $ign 

Pre-Chorus: Christina Aguilera & Ty Dolla $ign 

Chorus: Christina Aguilera, Ty Dolla $ign & 2 Chainz


Verse 3: 2 Chainz

Bridge: Christina Aguilera & Ty Dolla $ign 


Chorus: Christina Aguilera, Ty Dolla $ign & Both 

We can’t wait to hear the rest of Liberation when it comes out in June. Until then, rest assured we’ll be playing “Accelerate” on repeat as we dance along.