Christina Aguilera fans think Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton is the mysterious rapper featured on her song "Pipe"

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Our Xtina is back and better than ever. The singer is back with a brand new album, Liberation, and on it, she’s a Christina Aguilera we’ve never heard (or seen!) before. In an interview with Paper magazine, she explained that “the new songs are about finding your innocence…and the sentiment of finding myself again” and later said that  she’s looking to “break out of that mold and strip things back and get back to my truth and what I really love doing.”

The whole album is definitely worth a listen, and now fans are trying to find out something else — namely, the identity of “XNDA” on the track “Pipe.”

Twitter has all agreed that this mystery rapper’s voice is 🔥. But, there is no known rapper named XNDA, or at least not yet. This has left fans speculating about just WHO the rapper might be…and the most popular guess is Formula 1 race car driver Lewis Hamilton. Random? Kinda. But not completely out of the blue considering Aguilera and Hamilton have been spending lots of time together. Also, the driver has dropped some sick beats before in the past.

Talking to Paper, Xtina revealed that she’s been “sworn to secrecy” about XDNA but that she’s “dying for everyone to find out because they’re definitely multi-talented and I think it will take a lot of people by surprise…but they’ve got a great voice, yes.”

And, coincidentally, Hamilton is listed as a “co-writer” for the song.

Also, Aguilera and Hamilton were hanging out together as recently as the end of April 2018. The two are so different, we had to ask, okay, how do they even know each other? Oh, because they were definitely secretly collaborating in the studio. The handsome car drivin’ man even told James Corden that he’d played his music for Kanye West, and it had the ‘Ye seal of approval.

When you recall that Kanye produced some of Aguilera’s Liberation album, the pieces begin to fall into place. Of course, it’s just a conspiracy theory for now. But like, a really, really, ridiculously well-researched one with a lot of support. Have Aguilera stans ever lead you in the wrong direction before? No. No, they have not. Do it to it, Christina and Lewis.

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